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The Stunt Performers Academy (SPA) was just the program I needed to boost my career in stunt performing. I was aware that I had the physique and extensive athletic background to do well in the industry; however, the methods and skills taught by Banzai were vital and truly invaluable. SPA provides the crucial building blocks necessary to enter into the stunt game. From wire work, to high falls, to fight choreography, to gun and fire safety, to stunt etiquette, to understanding stunt contracts, SPA was very holistic and thorough. And for this, I am grateful that I was able to partake in such a complete program. I would certainly recommend this stunt intensive program to anyone looking to seriously pursue a career in stunt performing. Banzai, thank you so much for your guidance, patience and instruction.

The BEST career move I could have ever made!

The Stunt Performer\'s Academy has been the absolute best move for my career I could have ever made. Whether you come from a background of acting, athletics, acrobatics, stunts, extra work or 100% no experience - this program is so flexible and tailored to each student to be challenging and progressive according to their unique strengths and abilities. Banzai exudes professionalism with a down to earth vibe that is priceless when it comes to tackling the foundations of stunt work. Each day was a welcoming, safe and fun experience. At the same time - this program is not for the weak or faint of heart. It will push your physical and mental limits beyond what you could imagine and through it, learn things about yourself that will help you grow in this industry. The resources you will have available to you are top notch and of a caliber that is not available anywhere else. Only four days after the Academy concluded, I found myself on my first working set where I met one of the industry\'s top coordinators and the momentum has only continued to move forward. If you are lucky enough to get into the Academy, stay on your toes because on set, they\'re - \"Never waiting on stunts!\"

Thanks Banazai!

I couldn't be more thankful for having met Banzai. He not only taught me everything I needed to know about the stunt world but he continues to guide me along my path and is always there when I need him. His passion for stunts and attention to detail is inspiring to say the least. He gave us a safe place to learn and grow, and I couldn't be more proud to be a part of the SPA family. Thanks, Banzai, for being not only a great teacher, but a great friend.

The place to be for up and coming stunt performers!

I was referred to Banzai by another stuntman I know and was told that if I wanted to know everything I needed to know about, not only the training but also about the business of it all, that Banzai\'s Stunt Performers Academy was where I needed to go. After being in the program I can confidently say it was the best advice I\'ve received. Working with Banzai gave me the knowledge of seeing where my strengths and weakness lie as a stuntwoman and how to go about either keeping up the training or how to train a different way if the original way was not working for me. Being in this course, you also get to train with other stunt performers and stunt choreographers who are actively working which gives you the benefit of hearing stories of trial and error and also gives you a connection with the people you\'re going to need to know to get into this business. The best part of the course though, for me, was even though I have gone through it, I am still invited back for any training I feel I still need to work on. I still have Banzai\'s guidance and I can absolutely say I feel I am on the right path to doing stunts.

Completely Immersive and Comprehensive

I enjoyed every second of my SPA course! The moment the course starts you are thrown head first into the world of stunt performing. Not only do you learn the physical skills required for the job but you learn about the history of stunts to give you a greater understanding and respect for it as well as the tools to help you show your professionalism and to help you hustle and get work in the industry. Banzai is an amazing teacher with so much information to share and has the patience of a saint! I came in with very little experience and was guided every step on the way. I was ecstatic at what I could achieve within three weeks! SPA is also a community of stunt performers. We work and train together both within the course but also outside of it to help each other advance our skills. I am thrilled by what I got out of this course and what I continue to receive from being a part of the SPA community.

Banzai not only teaches his students to succeed, he wants them to succeed!

The knowledge that I gained at Stunt Performers Academy simply cannot be measured. Banzai Vitale not only teaches his students to succeed, he wants them to succeed and provides them with the foundation to succeed- the knowledge,skills set, and the extreme importance of set etiquette. He provides individuals with the skills to do well in the stunt industry. Banzai genuinely cares about the industry and his students, he is extremely patient and encouraging, providing a safe place to learn and grow. Banzai teaches his students precise and effective techniques while installing good habits that will not only make for a job well done but will keep you safe while executing a job. Banzai also challenges you to always strive towards becoming a better performer, for he is very aware of individual strengths and weaknesses and will help you expand upon your strengths and conquer your weaknesses. From fundamentals to hands on practice, the knowledge that you gain at Stunt Performers Academy is irreplaceable. Stunt Performers Academy is much more than a knowledge infused three week course, it is an outlet of continuous support, valuable knowledge, and constant growth. Banzai teaches so much- right down to the little details. Details that make a huge difference, from always keeping balance while stunt fighting to the correct body position for safe high falls, to camera angles and depth perception- and that is only a fraction of what you’ll learn at Stunt Performers Academy. He takes his knowledge and personal experience from his 30+ years of stunt performing and stunt coordinating and graciously provides incoming and new stunt performers with that knowledge and foundation. Going to Stunt Performers Academy was one of the best choices that I have made. I am honored to have been mentored by someone with such exceptional skills and talent! Learning (and continuously learning) from Banzai has been one of the greatest privileges I have ever had. No matter your skill set, whether you have had experience in stunt training elsewhere or are completely new to stuntwork- Stunt Performers Academy is the place to be! The place to further expand a passion and develop a thorough understanding and ability to replicate skills expected of new stunt performers, all while gaining respect for the stunt industry. Stunt Performers Academy is the place to learn and Banzai is the person to learn from. I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'m beyond grateful for all that I learned and all I continue to learn because of Stunt Performers Academy.

Blessed and unstoppable

I had an amazing time going through SPA! Banzai was very at helping me adapt to the moves and he made me feel confident in my own abilities. Thank you again I highly recommend this be your start or even another building block for this industry!!

Thanks Banzai!

Banzai is hands down the best instructor I've ever had the privilege to learn from. His step by step approach to Stunts allows you to learn how to do the stunts asked of you amd be safe in the process. He is a wealth of knowledge and has connections in every aspect of stunts. Always incredibly patient and willing to take all the time he needs to help you understand. He truly cares for his students. It's an honor to not only have learned from Banzai but to be able to continuously learn from him. It doesn't stop once you complete the course. You are forever his student. Thank you for everything brother!

I definitely learned SO MUCH

I thought I knew a decent amount about stunts coming into this program but I definitely learned SO MUCH from this academy! What I learned in this academy has helped me a lot with getting work. Banzai is an awesome teacher and has a ton of wisdom about the stunt industry. He really cares and pays close attention to each person’s skills / levels in order to help each individual grow to their fullest potential. Banzai also continues to be an amazing and helpful source/reference even after I completed the academy as well, always quick to answer any more questions I continue to have while getting going in this industry. It has been a privilege learning from him. I highly recommend this course to anyone who might be interested in stunts!

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