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Testimonials from professionals

Hiro Koda

If you are serious about getting into the world of stunts then I highly recommend Banzai Vitale and The Stunt Performers Academy. The program at SPA teaches you everything you need in order to advance your career as a working stunt professional. I have used Banzai’s knowledge and experience for over 25 years, hiring him as both a performer and stunt coordinator on my shows. He has always been an incredible asset on set in his unique ability to train actors and stunt performers in a safe and efficient way. I can always rely on Banzai to get my performers up to speed and instill full confidence within themselves. At the Stunt Performer’s Academy you will learn the physical skills and etiquette you’ll need to navigate the ins and outs of being a professional, working stunt performer.

Luci Romberg

I started training with Banzai very early on in my career. I met him the second month I lived in LA. I had grown up playing softball and wanted to play in the Stunt Softball League. Someone told me to go hit up Banzai about it. I met Banzai and we was kind enough to let me try out for the team. I made the team and an instant friendship began! I started stunt training with him outside of softball. There was a small group of us that would get together and train once a week. Banzai taught me so much! He taught me how to shoulder roll, how to fight, how to fall, how to use camera angles, and about set etiquette, how to hustle, etc… Im so fortunate to have Banzai as a mentor early on in my career. He taught me so much!!

Thom Williams

Thom Williams

I started in the stunt business a little over 20 years ago doing live stunt shows. Banzai was my first stunt coordinator out in Hollywood, and I am so grateful that he was the one to help guide and form my early years in the business. As I went through the typical training for a young, new stunt person(fights, reactions, highfalls, motorcycles) I was constantly amazed by Banzai’s generosity. He is an amazing teacher, both patient and giving with his knowledge. He truly loves to help people better themselves. Some of the “un” typical training that Banzai also imparted upon me and others are the kind of skills you need but don’t really expect when you get in the biz. He helped me build my first resume. He taught me how to hustle. He talked to me at length about set etiquette. In my mind, Banzai Vitale is the best person I could think of who would be responsible for the training of our future talents. Thank you for everything you did for me Banzai, and I look forward to seeing how awesome the Stunt Performers Academy is!

Marie Fink

I moved out to Los Angeles with the dream and determination of becoming a working stuntwoman. Today, I have 12 years of experience in the film and television industry with almost 100 credits including: Interstellar, Dark Knight Rises, Inception, American Horror Story and Supergirl. I am also a member of the amazing group V10 (http://www.v10stunts.com/). Without a doubt, I have Banzai Vitale to thank for getting me here.

Early in my career I was fortunate enough to be trained by Banzai Vitale along with a few other select performers.Not only did Banzai train us in the necessary physical skills of stunt performance (all styles of fights, hitting the ground, timing, camera, falls, fire safety, rappelling), he also taught us the tools required to succeed in this industry while having a backbone cemented in integrity and respect. Every single person in that group Banzai trained are now highly respected, talented and sought after stunt people with a great career in stunts.

Banzai’s 35 years of stunt experience makes him an invaluable asset to all those that work with him. I would not be where I am today without him and anyone lucky enough to learn from him will have  a solid promising start.

Jessica Harbeck

I met Banzai immediately upon moving to Los Angeles to pursue a career in stunts. He was a veteran stunt coordinator and performer and I asked him for guidance in navigating the business. Lucky for me, he decided to take me under his wing and became my mentor. Banzai made time in his busy life to train a small group of us for 3 years as we learned what it would take to become a working stunt performers.

Banzai imparted upon us years of invaluable wisdom from his on set experiences. Because he has worked extensively as a stunt coordinator and performer he knows what it takes to succeed on either side of the camera. The knowledge he shared helped us navigate the business of stunts in a competitive way.

He trained our group in a well rounded set of physical skills, as well as guided us to become masters of our own set safety. I am thankful for his diligence and consistency because without it I would not be where I am today.

Those of us who went through Banzai’s program are stilling doing stunts for a living. His lessons and knowledge are the reason each of us are enjoying successful career doing what we love to do.

Adam Hart

Adam Hart

I wouldn’t be where I am today without Banzai’s guidance. He has the keen ability to see the talents of deep within a performer and is able to help that performer grow and master these talents.

Banzai’s integrity and loyalty are unmatched and he helps to hone these qualities in everyone he teaches.